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Martinsicuro and Villa Rosa

Martinsicuro is the first of "seven pearls" on the border between Marche and Abruzzo, to welcome you to the "garden coast" of Teramo. Today, the city is a modern seaside resort, both for business and tourism, with a focus on greenery and nature, palms, oleanders and pines line a long and picturesque promenade, with sandy beaches and shallow waters.

Although recently established as an autonomous town (1963), it boasts very ancient origins, dating back to between the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age (1000-800 BC). The town is dominated by the sixteenth-century Tower of Charles V, built in 1547 by order of Martin de Secura, from which comes the name of Martinsicuro.

Villa Rosa is a fraction of Martinsicuro, since the second half of the nineteenth century we first heard of the presence and establishment of this city, initially the real and ancient name was Villa Franchi (family of local landowners) then later in the early twentieth century took the name of Villa Rosa.

A territory with a tourist vocation

There are numerous accommodation facilities including hotels of various categories, campsites and holiday villages, residences and apartments, as well as restaurants, pizzerias and places to eat that offer typical local dishes.